Are You Giddy Yet?? More “sources” on the potential Kevin Love Trade.

Well, we just got the fabulous Wojnarowski dropping another “WojBomb” on us today and CavsTwitter and the local media picked up on the information big time. As time has passed, reporters continue to pump their sources for additional tidbits about the most dramatic possible trade of this NBA off-season. It has been my experience that Wojnarowski has some of the most reliable “league sources” so I do tend to listen when he comes out with information that sounds plausible. Some of what he provided in his article and on twitter makes perfect sense. Other bits and pieces (the most important ones for me) are less reliable in my view. Continue reading

To Cavs: Trade Dion Waiters at your Peril (updated wi link to Brendan Bowers article)

Dion Waiters was seemingly singled out by LeBron James as he contemplated his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. I do not think that it is by chance that James called him. All accounts indicate that LeBron loves his game. All the while national media and fans have been touting the same refrain that “Dion and Kyrie cannot play together”. So, naturally, Dion was the focus of innumerable trade rumors. I never thought it was a good idea then and I certainly don’t think it is wise now. If the impending trade for Kevin Love is true, the loss of Wiggins is a serious blow to our wing athleticism. However right now, and possibly continuing forward, Dion Waiters is the better player. I love Wiggins a ton, but for a team striving for a championship next year, Dion is the better complement for advancing in the playoffs.

So here is my blog from over one year ago where I admonish the faithful that trading Dion Waiters is a bad idea. And to read an exceptional article on where Dion Waiters is right now in his life and career, I direct you to Brendan Bowers article in Slam Magazine. It is in depth and thought provoking. Continue reading

It’s Not About Love …. But Love Lost (update)

This is the single most critical decision for the Cavs front office since LeBron left.
This is the single most critical decision for the Cavs front office since LeBron left.

As time has progressed, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the Cavalier management has made a commitment to get Kevin Love. That commitment, based on the timing (and the comments of the TWolves owner), almost certainly includes AT THE LEAST Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett, a future first round pick, and a few nonguaranteed contracts to make the money work. Since no one really knows the fine print in this proposed deal, that is what most of us assume is the basic outline. If the Timberwolves were not absolutely ecstatic about this deal, they would not be out there commenting on “when” the trade will occur because they know that signals Wiggins is included. And they should be ecstatic! They are getting the number one pick of arguably the best draft in about 7 years and the number one pick of the previous draft. Plus one or more future number 1 picks. All of this for a player who, although awesome, would only play there for this year and has asked to be traded instead of playing for them. That is a huge haul and the TWolves know it. Almost historically unprecedented. Continue reading

It’s Not About Love Or The Loss But About “Love Lost”

Cavs sword logo I have read and tweeted and read and hoped about the possible acquisition of Kevin Love by the Cavaliers. As any reasonable person would be, I am excited about the prospects of trading for Love and what it will mean for the Cavaliers in the 2014-15 season. Now that the trade seems more likely to occur, I want to put out there my serious reservations why this trade at this time could be a devastating blow to the Cleveland Cavaliers past next year. That sobering fact makes it impossible for me to support this trade (as proposed) at this time. As I promised my adult daughter last night, I will wait for the exact trade and the exact details before declaring it an unwarranted and unreasonable risk. But that is where I fear the Cleveland Cavaliers are headed. Back into oblivion without a life raft. Back to where the powers that be in the NBA would prefer we remain. Even LeBron might not be able to stop it. Continue reading

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