#Browns seem to be Traveling on a Narrow Track

Brownie image The Cleveland Browns are clearly focused on their head coaching search and it seems to me that they are on a very narrow track. This is a narrow track with respect to whom they will hire as Head Coach and whom they will draft first this year. Also, being a very narrow track, it is much easier to derail. That is the part that concerns me the most.

If it is true that it is only a matter of time before the Cleveland brain trust hires Josh McDaniels and then pairs him with Johnny Manziel, we are going to be starting the 2014 season rocking on that narrow track. Both McDaniels and Manziel are known for their flairs for the dramatic. They seem to have egos that at least match their talent levels. Manziel seems to think he can beat his fellow offensive players into submission with fire and brimstone speeches on the sidelines. It seems to work fairly well on a college stage. Not so sure how it will translate to professional players. McDaniels, not to be outdone, has created some fireworks of his own based on his volatile time in Denver.

On the positive side, both seem to be very talented and accomplished in their methods. They seem to produce results. It is very true that the Browns do not need to have choir boys leading them to victory and that volatile egos with a burning desire to win can work. But if those same egos clash, well that would lead to an explosion off the tracks.

So, for the Browns fans that are so psyched about this magical combo please be aware that this will be an interesting and possibly rocky ride until things smooth out. There is legitimate hope that McDaniels has learned some lessons from his checkered Denver experience. And it is also true that he will not be a General Manager so some of the pressure will be taken off. This could translate into a much improved final product. It is also possible that cooler heads will prevail with Manziel and he will come in with fire but not the kind that burns his teammates or himself.

Now the problems with Manziel’s size, reckless style play, throwing off the back foot and other issues may not be as easy to tame or control. So it remains to be seen what the results will be. My hope is that Hoyer can win the job and Manziel (or anyone else we pick for that matter) can sit back and watch awhile until they are thrown out there. If people think Manziel (or any of the quarterback prospects this year) is a finished product that is simply not the case.

Of course I would be extremely pleased if there is a real Head Coach search and that Malzahn from Auburn is a legitimate target. He is innovative and supports an up-tempo offense similar to Chip Kelly. But, because he is less hyped, I think he might even be a better choice than Kelly was last year.

I also hope that the Browns brain trust has not settled on a quarterback to target as of yet and a true analysis is ongoing. There are many ways to go with this and I really don’t think any of the quarterbacks this year come close to Andrew Luck or even RGIII for that matter. So to trade up and lose valuable additional assets to “get their guy” might not be the best strategy this year. However, I think it is exactly the strategy they will employ. I am fearful that the Rams will insist, at the least, on both first round picks and that would be a shame given all of the needs we have. Remember, there are only three picks before 4. There I said it. Thank you Captain Obvious.