Cleveland Wins Top 115 Players in 2013 NFL Draft

Brownie imageI am proud to present to our readers what has been a labor of love for one of our team for many years. CwinsHarry has compiled his “Top 100” list for many years. It has changed a bit and grown to top 115. We will place a disclaimer on this right away and assert that this is not compiled from hours and hours of film study. Although CwinsHarry is one of the most knowledgeable football fans I know, he does not have the time or inclination for that task. He reads about and prepares for the draft by combining the collective views of some of the most well known “draft experts”. This list is exactly that collection. He takes the ranks from 4 top publications and totals them up to come up with a “composite” rank for each player. For copyright reasons, I will not list the 4 publications but it is 4 very well known sources. So this is simply something to have fun with. The rank is to the left and the “Raw Score” is the number to the right.

Understand that this is not a mock draft. It is simply a ranking of players. A mock draft takes into account team needs and draft order. This list does not do that. But it can give you a good gauge about how your team’s draft compares to the predraft ranks of some top experts. Enjoy our “Composite 115” and good luck to the Browns tomorrow. We are all hoping for the best as rumors swirl in the air.

Browns draft0001

Browns draft0002