Glenn Robinson III a good fit for the Cavs

I hate having to talk about players from the cesspool that is Michigan, but they really have some high level NBA talent I wouldn’t mind the Cavs drafting. Glenn Robinson III is one of those players.

It has been a very tough season to judge what type of player Glenn Robinson III will become. He was arguably the most talented player going into the season on a team that already had an experienced and aggressive shooter in Tim Hardaway Jr. and ended up with the Big Ten player of the year in Trey Burke. As a result, Robinson was efficient but extremely passive and seemed to disappear for long periods of time during games.

Strengths: Dynamic leaper/dunker, great length for a SF, high basketball IQ, smooth dribbler, great form on shot either off the bounce and in catch and shoot situations, above average passer, great transition player, young, NBA pedigree, extremely unselfish

Weaknesses: Needs to add strength, at 6’6″ he would be slightly undersized for the top SF in the NBA, extremely unselfish, range could be better

Bottom Line: Extremely unselfish is in both his strengths and weaknesses for this reason: For a team looking for a star, that quality is bad. For a team like the Cavs who have a star at PG in Kyrie Irving and an aggressive shooter/scorer in Dion Waiters, unselfish play and the willingness to be the “glue” guy on a team is perfect. This is probably only possible if the Cavs trade down (depending on where they end up) or the Lakers make the playoffs, but with 4 young starters seemingly in place everywhere but SF, GR3 could be the missing piece we are looking for.

Stats: 33.2 MPG, 10.7 PPG, 55.3 FG%, 62.9% 2pt FG%, 32.3 3p%, 5.3 RPG, 1.1 APG, 1 SPG, .3 BPG, .8 TOs

2 thoughts on “Glenn Robinson III a good fit for the Cavs”

  1. Good question. The main difference between the two players to this point is that Shabazz needs the ball in his hands on a regular basis where as Robinson does not. Both guys have some growing to do to really be ready for the NBA game.
    For Robinson he needs to be more assertive and look for his shot. Right now he is content with just moving the ball around and differing to Trey Burke/Tim Hardaway Jr.
    Right now Muhammad demands the ball and when he doesn’t get it, has been known to be visibly upset on the court showing his immaturity. He is a better shooter and plays with more energy than Robinson to this point, but GR3 has near perfect form on his jumper which suggests he can develop into an above average shooter from distance.
    From a Cavs perspective, I know that Robinson could come in right away and fit with the team chemistry and shot distribution (high volume for Waiters/Irving). I am not completely convinced Muhammad can do the same. Thanks for the comment.

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