Welcome to Cleveland Wins !

This blog is not all about Cleveland sports. Although many of the blogs will center around Cleveland professional sports teams, the theme mainly reflects the one headline all of the bloggers on this site want at least once in their lifetime. But despite these emotional roots, this blog will cover the world of MMA and Ohio State sports along with the Cleveland professional teams. I have followed Cleveland professional sports teams since I was a small child (more years ago than I care to admit). I analyze and probe and question. I am a fan at the core and always root for my home teams, but I do not hesitate to criticize or challenge management or players when I view that things are not done the right way. And when they are, I celebrate like everyone else. My fellow bloggers on this site are all very well known to me. They will add breadth and contrary opinions to my own. We are all strictly commentators and not reporters. We leave that to the newspapers.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the blog and will recommend it to others. Even fans of other cities might enjoy some of the MMA and Ohio State content. Welcome to Cleveland Wins!