Indians 3/22 night game – some quick hits

Although Masterson’s mechanics do look tighter, his arm was lagging slightly behind his body and the pitches were up for the first 4 innings. This consistently reduces his sink and allows hitters to center up on the ball better. Shoddy defense contributed to the runs allowed but that doesn’t change the obvious difficulties Masterson experienced. Strangely, in his fifth inning of work his arm came through on time and his pitches were much better located and had movement. Not sure why his mechanics improved in his last inning.

Joe Smith and Hagadone both had good performances. Decent command and solid results.

Cabrera had two mental lapses. One in the field trying to make a great play instead of the right play and one on the bases. It is Spring Training so we can let that go but it should be avoided once the season starts.

Aviles made his first appearance since the WBC and it was good to see him in a Tribe uniform.

Santana looked good at the plate and behind the plate.

Reynolds hit one of the most majestic bombs to left I have ever seen. Over the scoreboard and out of the park. Vinnie Pestano tweeted that he will never get tired of watching Reynold’s home runs this year.

Brantley continues to look comfortable at the plate. Great to see. Hitting the ball exceptionally well.

Carrera continues to impress me but I am not sure they can find a spot for him on the bench. I would hate to see them lose both Huff and Carrera this way, but it is very possible.

Leaving tomorrow early AM. Bummer.

Indian posts will keep coming after I return home. May just be more spread out and more commentary similar to my Francona post earlier this week.

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    1. No I don’t really think we should be concerned. I think his injury is relatively minor and he was hitting well in the cage on Friday when I watched him. As you do, I think he will be a major contributor to any success the Tribe has this year.

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