Is this the worst time in Cleveland sports history?

After the past week of the Cavs firing Byron Scott as head coach (which was probably the right move…we won’t talk about that now though), Jimmy Haslam’s primary business being raided by the FBI, and the revamped Tribe reverting to 2012 habits a pressing question developed in my mind. Is this the worst time in Cleveland sports history? None of our teams have made the playoffs since the Cavs in 2010 and all of us remember that summer. So by the numbers it is time to take a look.


Last year’s record: 24-58 .293

Franchise worst record: 15-67 .183 (Twice: 70-71 and 81-82)

Last three years: 64-166 .278

Franchise worst three years: 66-180 .268 (80-81 through 82-83)

Last playoff appearance: 2010 Loss in Eastern Conference semis 4-2 to Boston

Current State of the team: The team was decimated in 2010 by Lebron’s delayed departure. Not only did it not give the team time to replace him but he left the team that had done everything to build around him. GM Chris Grant hired Byron Scott before the announcement and they began to stockpile draft picks, cap room and other draft picks. They decided to rebuild from the bottom. I’m not sure the team realized how far down the bottom really was but they are down there now. The team was not fun to watch for the last 2 months. With that being said they have a young core of Irving, Thompson, Waiters and Zeller. They have 2 first round picks and two high second round picks this summer to either deal or continue to build.


Last year’s record: 5-11

Franchise worst record: 2-14 (1999)

Last three years: 14-34

Franchise worst three years:  12-36 (1999-2001)

Last playoff appearance: 2002 Wild Card loss to Steelers

Current state of the team: After two years of “battling” by coach Pat Shurmur the Browns have moved on and hired Rob Chudzinski to lead the team forward. The Browns have a 2nd year quarterback that will turn 30 during the upcoming season. They are switching offensive and defensive schemes which no matter what the players say during mini-camps won’t be easy. With all of those changes and question marks on the field they have the added pressure of their owner’s issues with the FBI. I don’t think it will be a distraction but with a brand new regime running the show the pressure of doing everything right on and off the field is huge.


Last year’s record: 68-94 .420 (off to a 5-10 start this season)

Franchise worst: 51-102 .333 (1914)

Last three years: 217-269 .446

Franchise worst three years: 205-281 .421 (1985-1987)

Last playoff appearance:  2007 lost in ALCS to Boston 4-3

Current state of the club: The Indians are in the best shape in my opinion. They have a proven World Series winner at manager in Terry Francona. They have a group of young players that they control for the next several years and veterans. They locked up a lead-off and clean-up hitter for the next 4 years in the off-season  As this fan base knows however you win with pitching and the Indians rotation is very suspect. They play Vegas with Ubaldo once every 5 days, Myers can’t keep the ball in Yellowstone right now and we are relying on Masterson, McAllister and Kazmir to win every start just to stay afloat.


Well numbers wise it may not be the worst time for each individual team but has there ever been a harder time to answer the question: Which team will win a championship first? I don’t think ever have all three teams been in such disarray. The Cavs might be closest with their talent and assets. The Indians might be closest with their on the field leadership and solid core of players. The Browns might be closest if their quarterback’s “experience” shines and Chud is the second coming of Vince Lombardi. I just can’t wait for this website’s name to be the truth!

Who do you think will be the first to get there. Tweet me your answers @cwins_chris.

3 thoughts on “Is this the worst time in Cleveland sports history?”

  1. You are right on here! This could be the lowest point. I would really have to think about it. Good news is the baseball season is really early and you never know what can happen. The Browns will have their work cut out for them, but I see promise and the Cavs have the players, they just need to really pick their coach carefully. Mike Brown?? Phil Jackson?? I’m all about Jackson!

  2. Good post. I find myself wondering the same thing.

    The problem is that none of the organizations have a track record you can believe in .

  3. Big weekend for the Browns. If we have a good draft and can ignore the disaster that is the federal investigation into our new owner, we have a legitimate shot at making the playoffs.

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