Listen To LeBron’s Advice

LeBron is willing to take on the challenge!
LeBron says “Relax” and so you should !!

Before the Cavaliers take on the Denver Nuggets in a few minutes, I want to put out a couple of thoughts for you to chew on as the game progresses. My first one is a personal one about the team in general and the rest are relevant to the current situation of the Cavs.

1) I wrote multiple articles warning Cavalier fans to be wary of the trade for Kevin Love, not because it wasn’t a fantastic trade, but because there was no clear indication it wasn’t a one year rental. Now that the team has gotten off to a shaky start, it is a great time for me to finalize my position. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE (no pun intended) the trade. I know that Wiggins and Bennett and whoever that draft pick will be might turn into fantastic players (some or all). However, that does not change the fact that this was a spectacular trade now that I am convinced Love intends this to be in Cleveland long term. Things could still change that but I highly doubt it. I believe what he has said and that his intention is to stay. So I wanted to put that to rest first.

2) LeBron’s advice in his tweet to “Relax” is awesome advice for Cavs fans right now. The overreaction to a shaky start is understandable but sad at the same time. This team and this coaching staff have had inadequate time to gel in any substantive way. They need time. And we all need to give it to them.

3) The fantastic players the Cavs have are briefly reverting back to old habits of trying to take the entire burden on themselves. This goes most certainly for Kyrie Irving but for every other player as well, including LeBron. That will end as they begin to trust each other.

4) The offense obviously is not running Blatt’s system and they are not sharing the ball. That was most certainly in evidence during the Utah game. But why do we all think that this will continue??? That makes no sense. The Cavalier players will figure it out themselves once some success starts to come their way when they play the right way.

5) The defense is not any where close to how it will eventually look. This also takes trust in your teammates and great communication. Did we really think that would start game one?? Anyone who simplistically thinks any defensive deficiencies are caused by a “lack of a rim protector” will be conclusively proven wrong. We have enough rim protection when our dynamic wing players begin to put the pressure on the passing lanes and outside the lane. We have great potential for that going forward. The defense will be fine. And, from what I have seen of Love so far, he will be an effective defender in a “team” defensive structure.

6) The team needs to get their complementary players going and if I see another game where Miller doesn’t get an open look I will be upset about that for sure. We need to trust all 15 players and get them involved.

6) It will be interesting how this goes tonight. Have fun watching and please relax. The Cavs will be fine. The chemistry will be fine. The team will be fine. The record will be fine. And they will be ready when the playoffs arrive.

HAVE FUN PLEASE !!!! WE HAVE KEVIN LOVE, KYRIE IRVING, LEBRON JAMES, and a ton of great complimentary players.