Some Updates and New Indians Player Capsule Reports

The Roster Battles are Interesting
The Roster Battles are Interesting
Here are some new capsule profiles for your review and a couple of updates. Hope you enjoy them.

UPDATE – Vinnie Pestano: He threw again today and seemed to be working on his fastball command. He threw a few 80 MPH breaking balls but his focus was clearly on the fastball. His speed was between 90-91 MPH and more often at 91. This is still about 2 MPH below his previous springs but he could catch up by the end. His main problem was fastball command with the velocity being less important. He still has some work to do. I am rooting for him.

UPDATE – CC Lee: Still throwing well and looking good. He is right on the edge of being ready. I would still like to see better fastball command. If sent down (which is likely), he will be near the top of the list when call-ups are needed.

Carlos Santana: As you have been hearing, Carlos is beginning to find his mojo at third base. He is playing with excellent skill, soft hands, and a cannon for an arm. His arm had been inconsistent but that seems to be changing with many excellent throws lately. I think he has a great chance to win the job.

Justin Sellers: This diminutive bundle of energy acquired from the Dodgers earlier this spring has been very impressive. His fielding has been solid but not spectacular. His hitting has been excellent showing good swing to contact and an ability to take the ball where it is pitched. He has gap power and a very lackluster major league hitting performance in his career. Great depth for the minors but it will be very difficult for him to break camp with the ML club.

David Murphy: He has done nothing to diminish his reputation as a solid fielder. However, his hitting has not been very good and he seems to be pressing a bit. A year like last year is enough to shake anyone’s confidence and I fear that his confidence has not fully recovered. Still 2 more weeks to go so there is still time.

Matt Carson: Matt’s performance at the end of last year and this spring makes it very difficult to cut him from the roster. His age and lack of a great minor league track record are strikes against him considering he is going up against the likes of Jeff Francoer and others. He is hitting well now and his defense has been solid.

I will try to get some more capsules up on the site soon.

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