The Cavs Blowing Up the Phone Lines!

The Cavs are probably red hot on the phone
The Cavs are probably red hot on the phone
The beauty of this blog is that I have absolutely NO inside information and no sources and no special powers. But I probably know as much about what the Cavs are doing right now and going to do as anyone else on the web. So, after reading extensively and analyzing the analysts, I believe as many that the Cavs are trying desperately to move the first pick in this draft probably for a veteran and a pick(s) either in 2013 or more likely 2014. All Cavs fans must realize that this is a monumental task and not likely to be a successful exercise. No one wants to give away 2014 picks and even 2013 picks are not moving as easily as some might have thought.

One thing that does concern me is the Cavs apparent efforts to even move up higher to get Karasev. I think he is a real project because of his lack of athleticism and his poor defensive mobility. Think we would be making a big mistake if we try so hard to get him that we mess up this draft and future drafts. Or trade ANY of our core players doing it. So I disagree strongly with that strategy because I see Karasev as a role player as a spot up shooter and good offensive threat because he is also a good passer. But a HUGE defensive liability and we just can not afford that at the 3 position in the NBA. He will never be a starter in the NBA in my view. If we were doing this to get Clay Thompson in past drafts, then I would have been fine with it. And I advocated that but Cavs really couldn’t pull it off for obvious reasons.

As I said in my Len and McLemore posts, I am actually confident the Cavs can select the right player with pick number one. There is no consensus but the Cavs do their homework. So if we take Len or McLemore or Noel or Oladepo or Porter etc.; I am OK with it. However, be aware that, if we take Noel who has the best analytic ratings and upside, he might be picked to be traded.

I will not be able to post easily tonight but I will be on twitter as @Kirklob or @Cwins_jim. I still can’t get traction on my CWins handle so I have kept @Kirklob for the time being.