The LeBron “Decision 2” Craziness is an Experiment in Human Nature

Will LeBron Take On The Challenge??
Will LeBron Take On The Challenge??
The insanity of high profile NBA free agency. The Cleveland Cavalier fans should be first hand experts of the folly of hanging on every report, analyzing every nuance, reading “between the lines”, parsing every tweet, and retweeting fake media account reports. Despite their expertise gained by the fire of a horrific “betrayal”, those same fans are unable to stay away when it all happens again. Maybe it is because James is arguably the best player on an NBA court today. Maybe it is because he was born and raised less than 50 miles away. Maybe it is because the city of Cleveland has not had the joy of a major sports champion since 1964. Those would be the most likely explanations from the national media for sure. Maybe they are the major reasons?

I think it might go deeper than that superficial analysis. I think it is the combination of what most of us imperfect humans do when faced with irresistible intrigue and theater and the irrepressible passion of the Cleveland sports fan. That combination drives normally sensible people to do things they might never consider normally. Things like driving to someone else’s home and parking there just to get a glimpse of something they have no idea will happen. Things like drowning a web site out and crashing it from the force of interested spectators. Things like refreshing the twitter timeline so often that your eyes are blurred and sleep overtakes. Things like looking at pictures of trolling professional athletes who are planting precious “clues” for us to uncover. I think you get the idea.

Don’t you ever wonder why professional athletes, musicians and actors make so much money?? All you have to do is look in the mirror to get your answer. It is all because of you. The undeniable power of entertainment draws us in like bugs to a zapper. And sports, which is the ultimate “reality show”, is most compelling because the end of the story is unknown until the last day of the many days of a long season. It drives us to spend our hard earned money and, ultimately, pay those unbelievable salaries. In the NBA world LeBron James, whether we like it or not, is the brightest and biggest bug zapper of them all. It is that reality that drives the insanity. Or at least part of it …..

In this complex Boolean equation, the fans of Cleveland sports is one of the most unique entities in the universe. Only partially starved by a prolonged championship draught, we exert more passion and fire per square inch than any comparable fan. Clevelanders work hard and play hard. We look at our sports as self-defining. We expect success and keep replaying failure. These characteristics make it very hard for Cleveland fans to ignore one of the most intriguing dramas where they are a central player. So, while those that do not understand us look on with wonder, we dive in full force and we CARE !!! Maybe it is not logical. Maybe it is a bit crazy. But it is ALL CLEVELAND !! Go Cavs !!!